10 Things to Bring on your Wedding Day you Haven't Thought Of

Updated: Oct 31, 2018

Hello gorgeous brides! I know you have a million things to think about when planning your wedding and with all the things to remember you are bound to forget some of the smaller things. Here is my little list of 10 things you might want to remember to pack ahead of time and bring along for the big day. These are items will help enhance your photos and help me deliver a beautiful and detailed wedding album for you.

1. Wedding Dress Hanger - so I can get those pretty dress shots for you!

2. Pair of Comfortable Bridal Shoes - Like white lace flats so your feet aren't killing you

3. Extra Wedding Invitation Set - for me to photograph at your venue.

4. Accessories Items - Like cuff links, your favorite perfume and jewelry

5. Ring Boxes - so I can take pretty pictures of your the rings

6. Bridal Lingerie - A personal preference, but having beautiful pictures of is special

7. Lip Balm - Dry lips are never a good look

8. Clutch of Touch Up Makeup - Just in case you need to reapply anything

9. Stain Remover Pen - of all days to accidentally stain your dress, be prepared

10. Mind Your Nails - not an item but pretty nails are important because your hands will show in the pictures


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