5 Ways to Make Any Body Type Look Amazing in Photos

Updated: Oct 31, 2018

We all want to look our best in photos, especially in ones that are special like your engagement photos or wedding photos. These will be shared with lots of people over the years and it’s natural to want them to turn out amazing, it’s also natural to not know how to place your body when posing for the camera. So I’ve compiled my 5 favorite tips that will help your body look it’s best for your upcoming session.

1.) Push your hips away from the camera:

Anything closer to the camera will appear larger so if you want to make your hips, butt or tummy look smaller all you have to do is push your hips away from the camera! To do this, place one leg slightly behind you and shift all your weight onto that leg while relaxing the front leg. Practice in front of the mirror and you will see the difference.

2.) Bend one of your knees slightly in front of the other:

This trick is super easy to do and has two benefits which is great! First it will create a more "S" curve shape to your body which looks a lot more flattering than just standing straight. Second by bending your knee and placing that leg slightly in front of your other leg it makes your legs look thinner. A third bonus reason I like to do this is because a lot of people feel they have extra skin around their knee caps and by placing one bent leg over that area it covers it.

3.) Tilt your ear slightly towards the camera when facing straight on:

No matter how thin you are most of us have a little unwanted skin or fat under the jaw line that is referred to as a double chin, a simple trick to get rid of that for a picture is to slightly turn one of your ears towards the camera. This will pop your jawline out and bring it forward more which will soften the double chin. Keep in mind this trick only works if you are facing front on to the camera, the side view while doing it isn't very flattering.

4.) Create a triangle of light between your arms:

Instead of just having your arms straight to your sides try to slightly lift them up and away from your body. This will create a small triangle shape between your arms and your torso that will do three major things to make your body look amazing. It will make your arms look thinner because they aren’t pressed against your body, It will make your waist appear smaller and it will allow more light into the photo. Doing this also creates more shape and curve to your body than would be there if you were just standing with your arms to your sides. This is one of my favorite tricks!

5.) Cross legs in front of each other when walking:

Adding movement to photos is always a good idea. When walking for a photo try to remember to walk at a normal, relaxed pace but to cross your legs in front of each other with each step. It may feel over exaggerated or like you’re strutting down a catwalk but it looks amazing in photos. It will make your body look long and lean and again create more of an "S" curve to your body that is super flattering.

My last tip for you is to not over think these 5 tips! Pick maybe one or two that address what you're most insecure about, practice them at home and keep them handy during the shoot. Be mindful to allow yourself to relax and not worry about posing too much during your shoot. Your brain will remember to implement the ones you practiced. If I’m your photographer I will be aware of your body and how it looks in the shot, so all you have to do is have fun and I’ll take care of the rest.


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