How to be More Relaxed in Front of the Camera

Updated: Oct 31, 2018

Photo shoots can be a little unnerving, I get it! Being vulnerable in front of other people is hard and letting go and relaxing for most people while getting their picture taken does not come naturally, but it can be learned! Here is my best advice to getting yourself relaxed in front of the camera so at your next shoot you can capture amazing images that look natural, happy and beautiful.

1.) Know what to expect:

Before you show up to your photo shoot make sure you have talked to your photographer and know exactly what to expect at the shoot. When you know whats going to happen it will help ease any anxiety about the shoot. Besides the obvious time and place of the shoot you will also want to be aware of your photographers posing style. I do a mix of lightly posed images with in the moment natural poses. I feel this gives my clients a wonderful selection of images that feel both intimate and friends and family appropriate. It helps to also communicate to your photographer any requests or ideas you want to have done during the shoot so they can make that happen.

2.) Wear something you love:

This is a big tip. You want to make sure whatever you and your partner wear you are comfortable in, both physically and emotionally. It makes a huge difference when people show up in clothes that make them feel beautiful and flatter their body types as opposed to being dressed in something someone else picked for them that they didn’t feel 100% in. You will be able to tell in the photos, I promise. So make sure to pick a killer outfit that you feel amazing in.

3.) Make sure your hair and makeup are on point:

I have this believe that if either your hair looks amazing or your makeup is on point that everything else about you will look amazing. Having these things done for your photos is important. The camera can make people’s faces look flat so I recommend having your makeup professionally done or at least contouring to add dimension to your features. Another big tip I recommend is putting on a good amount of mascara or some false lashes because those look amazing when they pop on camera. Some brides will take their engagement session as an opportunity to do a hair and makeup trial run and that’s awesome. But if you didn’t want to go as fancy before your wedding day then just make sure you like how your hair and makeup looks.

4.) Be on time:

This one I can’t stress enough! Being on time will allow you to not have to stress if there is traffic or worry that you are missing the best lighting for your shoot. Any way you can take stress out of having your picture taken the better and making sure you leave the house with enough time for traffic will help your nerves a lot. If you get there early it also gives you time to feel comfortable in the environment your pictures will be taken in before we start which is a bonus.

5.) Breathe and understand who this session is for:

Make sure to take slow deep breaths. It’s a great way to relax your body and calm your mind. Also try to remember who this shoot is for, you and your partner! You don’t need to feel pressured to impress anyone or feel like you’re putting on a show because in the end these photos are for you guys to enjoy and cherish, no one else. If you can remember that then it will make it a lot easier for you to let go and enjoy the moment and we will capture pure magic.

If after these tips you are still feeling nervous just try to think of the shoot as a date and not a photo shoot. Flirt with each other, give soft kisses on the forehead or cheeks, whisper in each other’s ears, talk sweet or make corny jokes. Doing these things will be great ice breakers that will help you both relax and have fun.


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