How to Have a Killer Bridal Session

Updated: Oct 31, 2018

Would you believe I didn't have a bridal session when I was getting married?! I didn't realize the importance of it and decided to skip it, to this day it's one of my biggest wedding decision regrets. If you are not wanting to join me in the regret train you will be planning on booking a bridal session so you can capture that stunning dress and bridal beauty of yours. Here are my top tips to slay at your bridal shoot.

Pick the perfect location: The backdrop of your bridal session is important to get beautiful pictures. Think about what scenery best matches your personality and the vibe you are going for. Mountains and fields, grand architecture or historical. Keep in mind that the location will add ambiance and style to your photo. If you need help choosing a place contact me for my Locations PDF.

Get dolled up: Bridal sessions are the PERFECT time to have a trial run on hard and make up before your big day. You want to look like a bride in your bridals so go all out on hair, makeup and don't forget your veil.

Bring a bouquet: You can bring a trial run of your wedding day bouquet or a smaller one that echoes the same colors as your wedding day one will but either way I highly recommend bringing a bouquet with you. It will add color, texture, drama and beauty to your photos as well as give you something to do with your hands. Bouquets are also great because it gives us a lot more posing options and you will end up with more pictures in your end album.

If you do these three things it will make a huge difference to your bridal session album. These details will help tell a beautiful story of your bridal moment and I can't wait to capture it for you!


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